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Sharing skills: Apro Formazione's mentoring for Balkan training schools.

V2V (VET to VET) is the mentoring and competence exchange project between European training centres and partners in the Balkan countries. A twinning that aims to enhance services and training courses in the Western Balkans and to strengthen collaboration in Europe between planning experts, trainers and teachers.

Apro Formazione is the leader of this pilot project that aims to respond to the demand for innovation, modernisation and internationalisation of vocational schools in the Western Balkans.

Ten schools are participating in the project: five within the European Union -in Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia and Croatia- and five in Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The project has initiated a new phase of cooperation, based on the exchange of good practices virtually, which is the result of the work accomplished over the past year.

In Alba the meeting for the mentoring and empowerment of Balkan schools

All the trainers from the partner schools met in Alba from 21 to 25 March 2022, to share the results of the project's first year of activity and to work on the empowerment and capacity building paths of each of the five Balkan schools. 

The twinning between Apro Formazione and the hotel management school JUSMŠ "Danilo Kiš" in Budva

Teachers from Apro Formazione's sister school, the hotel school JUSMŠ "Danilo Kiš" in Budva, Montenegro, are training specifically on the organisation and management of European mobility experiences for both students and trainers.

In April 2022, four students from the "Danilo Kiš" school carried out a short-term internship in companies in Alba. In September 2022, three students from Apro Formazione were accommodated in Budva for a three-month mobility experience.

The Balkan teachers, on the other hand, followed a training course led by Apro Formazione's team of project designers and trainers. The course aimed at teaching the methodology for writing funded projects. In October, the Balkan trainers handed in their first projects written using the tools they had learnt on the course. The projects are now being corrected and revised.

Collaborating online with communities of practice

In October, two communities of practice – communities for sharing good practice - were also launched. Those are online collaboration environments where European and Balkan teachers and staff work together on topics of interest for the development of Balkan schools.

In the coming weeks, work will begin on collaboration between schools, enterprises and territorial networks. A first moment of listening to Balkan schools on the collaboration strategies already in place is planned, followed by a second moment of training aimed at strengthening or updating partnership dynamics.

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