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All the results of the SdE project are online

The SdE project came to an end on 31/08/2022. After 3 years of working together, impacted by pandemic and distance, we can say that the European project has increased European integration between schools, teachers and students and created ready-to-use teaching materials.

For students, the SdE teaching unit is available on the project website and it offers 80 worksheets on the topic of sustainability-driven entrepreneurship. The materials are structured by learning objectives and student knowledge levels. They all begin with a basic outline explaining the contents, objectives and an indication for teachers and students on how to use the material in the classroom or as an homework.

In addition, the project has collected 27 business cases illustrating how small, medium or large-sized European companies have integrated sustainability into their business operations. These are also useful study materials for teachers and students.

All study materials can be found here:

For teachers, the project has created an handbook containing the following chapters:

  • How to use Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship study module
  • How to pilot SdE Study module
  • Entrepreneurship Thermometer - to support SdE implementation.

The document is made by teachers and aimed at teachers who wish to improve or innovate teaching that combines environment and enterprise. It can be consulted here:

Finally, the SdE partnership makes available the questionnaires and their results that it carried out during the project. In particular, the questionnaire carried out at the beginning of the project illustrates the entrepreneurial and green skills needs of students and teachers in the 9 project partner schools. On the other hand, the questionnaires carried out at the end of the project are aimed at measuring the impact of SdE study unit, as they were delivered before and after the piloting of the materials in the classroom. They show an overall increase in entrepreneurial and green skills, both for teachers and students, thus signalling good effectiveness and quality in the project results.

The results created will remain available on the project website. For any information on this, please contact the project coordinator Timo Paakkanen:

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