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Apprenticeship and vocational training: perspectives, opportunities and digital solutions

On October 26, 2021, the seminar "iLearn: apprenticeship and vocational training" was held at Apro Formazione in Alba. During the seminar, the speakers discussed the prospects, opportunities and regulatory developments of apprenticeship training and the apprenticeship contract.

The event was well attended, with 20 people in attendance and over 50 connected by teleconference, and saw the participation of authoritative representatives of vocational training and institutions.

The event was opened by Antonio Bosio, general manager of Apro Formazione, who explained the strategic importance of international projects and their ability to provide answers to the needs of local companies, the labor market and the need for young people's skills.

 This was followed by the intervention of Pier Mario Viano, vice-president of CENFOP Nazionale, the professional training trade association, who illustrated the prospects and national scenarios of apprenticeship and professional training.

EfVET is a network with 239 members in 35 countries. The contact person for Italy Sylvia Liuti shared the international point of view of apprenticeship of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA), the alliance promoted by the European Commission to boost apprenticeship.

Matteo Faggioni is president of the Piedmont section of the FORMA association of training institutions and presented the experiences of apprenticeship and dual training in our region, focusing on the challenges and current critical issues.

Alessandro Mele, general manager of Cometa Formazione in Como and vice-president of the Association Rete Fondazioni ITS ITALIA, continued. Mele stressed the potential offered by the ITS (Higher Technical Education) chain as one of the natural development areas of apprenticeship.

Nicola Alimenti, responsible for the European planning of Apro Formazione, presented the project and the innovations of the iLearn platform.

Finally, Pietro Viotti, official of the Education, Training and Labor Directorate - Vocational Training sector - of the Piedmont Region, concluded the session with an update on the present and future policies of the European Structural Funds, the European Social Fund, the PNRR, as well as the growing value of apprenticeship. Viotti expressed the potential for a systemic use of iLearn software.

The speakers also visited Apro Formazione's laboratories in the various sectors dedicated to the specific training of students and apprentices.

iLearn: the digital solution for apprenticeship, alternation, Erasmus

During the seminar, guests and speakers were introduced to the new digital platform that looks to the future of in-company training to innovate the management and monitoring of apprenticeship programs, both distance and in-person.

Simplification, digitization and efficiency are the keywords of this powerful tool that allows real-time feedback between the company, the school and the apprentice and enables the evaluation of their work, activities, skills and results thanks to powerful analysis and reporting tools.

For companies, it means optimizing the time it takes to manage apprenticeship programs; for schools, it means improving tracking and achievement of learning goals.

iLearn was developed as part of a European project of Apro Formazione co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and realized in collaboration with 3 European partners, leaders in alternance training and apprenticeship.

The WebApp iLearn is available in 6 languages at and can also be used by smartphones and tablets.


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