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APRO Formazione coaching five Balkan schools

Apro Formazione coordinates an European project for the development and modernisation of vocational schools in the Western Balkans

From the 28th to 30th of September Apro Formazione hosted in Alba managers, teachers and project managers of five schools from Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, protagonists of an international twinning between schools coordinated by Apro Formazione and carried out thanks to the VETtoVET pilot project, funded by the European Commission.

On their arrival, the representatives of the five Balkan schools got the opportunity to know sectors of activity, teaching equipments and the organisational structure of Apro Formazione. ETF (European Training Foundation), the European Union agency which assists third countries in developing and updating their training systems, also presented its services and activities. In the following days, they met the administration of Alba during a meeting in the town hall with councillor Emanuele Bolla, they explored the city and visited two local companies, Fontanafredda and Alba Solar. On the last day of their stay, they finally met the local team, a group of local institutions and companies interested in the project, which includes including Villaggio Narrante of Fontanafredda, Associazione per il Patrimonio dei Paesaggi Vitivinicoli di Langhe Roero e Monferrato, the Federazione Italiana CuochiEnte TurismoOnaf, the Strani Vari association and the Informagiovani of Alba.

The VETtoVET project is a three-year programme aiming at innovationmodernisation and internationalisation of vocational schools in the Western Balkans. The partners of the pilot project are five European vocational schools from Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia and Croatia, which will support as many schools from Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the heart of the project are five twinnings, each involving a European school working alongside a Balkan school in a bottom-up approach, through which the technical, organisational, teaching and management skills of the twinned school will be developed.

This is an absolute novelty in the European Vocational Training panorama, so much so that it is supported by the international networks EfVET and Xarxa.

Apro Formazione is twinned with the Danilo Kiš school in Budva (Montenegro). With Danilo Kiš, international mobility will be activated for teaching staff and students, who will move from Budva to Alba to study and acquire the good teaching, training and design practices that the European Union has recognised in Apro Formazione.

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