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VET TO VET (V2V) – Capacity buildings for Western Balkans

APRO Formazione is looking for members to set up a local team for V2V project. Join us!

  • What is V2V project?

VET to VET (V2V) is a pilot project funded by the European Union and led by Apro Formazione, based in Italy. The project aims to improve the innovation, modernization and internationalization of VET schools in the Western Balkans.

Ten VET schools participate to the project: five within the European Union (from Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia and Croatia) and five between Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each European school is twinned with a school in the Western Balkans in order to ensure constant coaching and support between the schools.

In order to develop capacity building activities for schools in the Western Balkan, partners will work on these topics: internationalization, mobility of staff and mobility of students, teacher training, school and company cooperation, entrepreneurship education, labor market.

During its 36-month duration, the V2V pilot project will develop services and outcomes that can impact the entire vocational school community in the Western Balkans in the long term.

  • What is a local team?

A local team is a team composed by managers, teachers, companies, parents, students or other stakeholders of the school that is partner of V2V. The 10 partners of the project are going to set up their local team, in order to bring V2V project closer to the local community, so that it takes part in this pilot European – Western Balkans cooperation.

The members of local team are going to cooperate with the school partner during the project development in order to spread V2V project results to its local community.

  • What is local team required to do?

Members of local team are going to be actively involved in the project development, from the beginning to the end. The school partner is responsible to update them on the project and to organize face-to-face meetings at least before and after every project meeting.

The local team members are invited to:

  • give inputs and advice for activities, according to their competences and experience
  • supporting the school partner in the communication and dissemination
  • evaluate the progress made by the project
  • Become a local team member of V2V project!
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