Friday, 16 April 2021 06:42

Apro International back on track with mobilities: 3-month internship abroad

After the opening of the mobility calls dedicated to students, Apro International announces an internship opportunity abroad also for those who have finished in the last 12 months (or are finishing) an education and/or training course (qualification, diploma, IFTS, specializations). Thirty scholarships will be awarded for a 3-month traineeship in Europe for young people aged 18 (or over) at the time of departure.

Thanks to the projects Skilled - Competences for Europe and Train Up - Get started with Europe, coordinated by Apro Formazione and co-financed by the Erasmus PRO programme, the selected young people will be able to take part in a professional internship in the administrative/commercial, marketing, IT/graphics, childcare and tourism/hotel sectors, in the period between September and November 2021. The planned mobility countries - which will also be selected based on the evolution of the Covid-19 situation - are Spain (Valencia), Germany (Leipzig) and Malta (Sliema, Valletta).

The mobilities co-financed by the Erasmus PRO programme are designed to give everyone the chance to enjoy a professional experience abroad. The highly inclusive nature of the programme is reflected, in particular, in the full coverage of living expenses for participants and in the grants reserved for students with disabilities.

The mobility experience is a real opportunity for personal and professional growth, which does not stop with the activities carried out during the placement. Even before departure, the selected young people will be involved in a series of activities such as English language courses (or of the country of destination) on the OLS online platform, intercultural preparation activities, a training module on entrepreneurship and social media, and pre-departure orientation activities; during the stay, guided by the trainers, the young people will take part in cultural and professional visits and will continue the language training, while at the return they will be issued with some documents for the certification of competences, such as the Europass curriculum vitae, the Europass Mobility certification, the ECVET skills evaluation grid and any letters of reference and/or certificates issued by the foreign companies.

Are you interested in enriching your CV and your professionality with an experience abroad? The call, the application and the attachments are available at this link. Applications must be submitted by 14 May 2021.

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