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#ErasmusPro is the new type of Erasmus designed to promote long-lasting professional training experiences. Thanks to the project "WAVES - Sail towards your future" of APRO Formazione, Francesca, Carmen and Ludovica are experiencing their #ErasmusPro in Valencia for 6 months, from January to July 2019. Each week, in turn, they will tell us how they are living this experience.

Hello everyone!
In this week article, I will talk about the place where I do the internship, but first I introduce myself!
I am Carmen, I am nineteen, I am from Piedmont and I've just finished my high school studies.
Fortunately, I was selected to carry out my Erasmus Pro experience (a 6-month internship, in my case, in a European Union country) and in particular, I am in Valencia!
According to my studies, I do the internship in a kindergarten, where the children are divided into:
-aula conejitos (bunny classroom) for young children;
-aula roja (red classroom) for children who are 2 years old and were born from January to June;
- green classroom always reserved for children of 2 years, born from July to December.
There is a sunny inner courtyard and the "Montessori Hall", where we find tables, chairs, a kitchen and various games, which serve to develop the intellectual and manipulative skills of children.
In the morning you start the day with a free game, while all the children arrive, after which you start the day's activity. After this, we have a snack and then, taking advantage of the sunny days that we have in Valencia, we rush into the courtyard to play, run a bit and also do the activities of psychomotor skills.
Tired, we return to the classroom to relax, change the diapers and then go to the other room to watch the cartoons along with the other children, while waiting for lunch or for the parents to arrive.
In the afternoon, however, after eating, you sleep a bit and once you wake up you do simple activities, then you have a snack and finally everyone goes home.
My role consists mainly in helping the teacher at various times of the day (for example changing diapers, distributing the snack and the material for the activities etc ...), but also in helping the children during the activities, in the moment of the snack and / or lunch, I read them stories, singing, dancing and playing with them.
Regarding the "work climate" I must admit that it is good: the teachers integrate me, understand my linguistic difficulties and therefore help me to express myself, they are kind, very helpful (in fact for any doubt / problem I can address them) and from the very first day they put me immediately to the "work".
The internship is the fundamental part of the Erasmus project, so it is important, from my point of view, that during work hours, I feel "at home" and establish a good relationship with my colleagues.
In this way, this can be positive to improve my skills from a professional point of view (which can be used to build a future job), linguistic, relational and even make me grow as a person!
With this, I greet you and I wait for you at the next article!
See you soon,


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