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We call it all Alcotra, but in reality this is the name of the program that funded it. The name of the project, which will involve the APRO Formazione hotel sector in an important way, is "IMPACT", that is "Immersion in the Cross-border Culinary Heritage".

But what does this ambitious project have in essence? Let's find out in 10 points.

  1. What is Alcotra?

Alcotra is a program of cooperation between Italian and French Alpine regions, promoted by the European Commission. The name is the acronym of “Alpi Latine COoperazione TRAnsfrontaliera”.

The program was born in 1990 and is now in its fifth programming period (2014-2020); since its establishment, ALCOTRA has financed almost 600 projects.

  1. For whom is Alcotra?

Alcotra finances projects in Valle d'Aosta, in the provinces of Turin, Cuneo, Imperia (for Italy) and in the departments of Savoy, Haute-Savoie, Alpes de Haute Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes-Maritimes (for France). Projects must contribute to one of the following themes: Applied Innovation, Safe Environment, Local Attractiveness, Social Inclusion and European Citizenship.

  1. What does IMPACT provide?

IMPACT foresees a bi-national training course in the tourism-hotel sector, which will involve a class from the APRO Formazione Cook Academy and one from the École Hôtelière in Cannes.

The students involved in the project will be offered a path marked by: 1) an important use of digital teaching methods (with part of the teaching made with streaming lessons), 2) internships abroad in restaurants in Alba and Cannes and 3) training activities designed with the involvement of local actors (restaurateurs, tourism consortia, local authorities, companies).

  1. Which class will be involved for APRO Training?

For APRO the current 1st Kitchen class will be involved in IMPACT (training year 2017/2018).

  1. What are IMPACT's goals?

IMPACT was founded with the aim of promoting greater employment opportunities for young people who are forming in a sector that has always been characterized by a strong turn-over of employees. To do this, one of the key points will be the linguistic preparation of the boys, in order to allow them greater mobility.

  1. What will be the main added value for the guys involved in IMPACT?

The added values ​​will be many, but the main one will probably be to have attended a bi-national path recognized by the companies involved on both sides of the Alps.

  1. What role will the two territories of Alba and Cannes play in the project?

The project involves a strong involvement of the bodies of the two territories. In fact, they will be actors in many activities foreseen by IMPACT, such as the creation of a new cross-border cooking contest, the organization of educational dinners with Italian and French chefs, participation in major culinary events and culinary competitions between Italy and France. It will also be up to them to work together so that the opportunities generated by the project can be better disseminated.

  1. When do we start?

It has already started! The year of preparation for the project started in September and concrete activities will begin next year.

  1. And after the project?

It is the intention of both partners to continue with the bi-national qualification path even after the end of the project (scheduled for 2020).

  1. How do you see the Annamaria Monticone project, which will have the honor and responsibility to manage it?

"An opportunity for growth and training at 360 °: for students and staff of the hotel academy, in terms of innovative teaching; for the territory, in terms of potential cross-border collaborations; for Apro and for the Ecole Hôtelière of Cannes, in terms of impact and image in their respective territories and for me, in terms of experience and professional growth ".

Click here to download the flyer of the project!

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