One of the most important missions in Apro is to put work seekers and job offers into contact with its many activities. Every year Apro offers new courses in order to let the participants increase their professional competences and possibilities of finding a job. The courses meet the training needs of what comes out through in-depth analysis, resulted in meetings held with businesses and operators in different sectors: tourism, mechanical, electrical, fashion, human services, hospitality, information technology.

The courses are an opportunity that many young unemployed people use to acquire specific skills through direct experience of internship; training effectiveness is demonstrated by the high percentage of students who find work after these courses.

Apro is a reference point for the system and for those who are looking for work.




If you come to us, you will find professionals that will teach you the job by using innovative didactic methods and laboratories with modern technologies.

  • You will have the chance to put into practice what you have learnt during the lessons directly in the laboratories, where you will be working for 50% of the entire course
  • You will have your first important work experience with an internship of at least two months.

Put into practice your practical skills and build your professional future!




What is “lifelong learning”? Nowadays we hear this expression very often..

This term refers to  permanent training also considered  learning which is extended throughout one's entire life.

We are all aware that we keep on learning, day after day, and we are quite proud of it. The expression “lifelong learning” refers not only to a collection of experiences, but to the necessity imposed by the world of work to return to school more than once during our life. 

Thus  the prejudice that the period of youth is the only period when a life-long skill can be learned  is undermined. Of course, this involves the world of work, the attitude of the worker and the programming of the employer. However, there is more: it changes the setting of the education of the youngest.




Apro works for enterprises and workers, ensuring reliability, efficiency, transparency and proper management.

We design and develop customized training programs, starting from the characteristics required and business needs, including contingency.

  • Training needs analysis
  • Funding Research
  • Provision of activities (At the company or at premises of our facilities)
  • Searching and selection of experienced teachers
  • Reporting
  • Planning and designing
  • Management of bureaucratic fulfillment
  • Consulting on business management