Founded in 1958 by Mons. Gianolio, Apro Formazione has always had the goal of training young people for the world of work and the professional updating for workers, in response to the territory and the enterprises’ needs.

Apro is a School, a Training and Orientation Agency and Work agency.  

We have two different locations, one in Alba, the historic one, and one in Canelli, opened in 2001.

Our main activities are:

  • Vocational training for youth after the junior high school - Scuola Mons G. B. Gianolio
  • Training aimed at work placement and professional updating
  • Life-long training – Evening school
  • Training for enterprises
  • Orientation
  • Work Agency






With the aim of improvement and customer satisfaction, Apro Formazione has achieved the certification for its quality management system in June 2000, after having  successfully passed annual  inspection maintenance audits.


In May 2003, our Agency renewed its commitment to Quality obtaining the Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 along  with the Spanish certification (and Unification) institute Aenor, which has Italian offices in Turin. The certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 is a guarantee for the customer thanks to the guidance function that takes in the process of organization of the company and change management.


The real commitment of our agency for quality is stated through the quality policy, and through the annual general objectives that are established.








Apro is one of the first training agencies in Piedmont Region to adopt a Code of Ethics and to develop a model of organization, management and control model adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.


Apro Formazione, with the need of ensuring fairness and transparency in the conduction of business and corporate activities, seriously considers the implementation of the organizational and management model required by Legislative Decree 231/2001.


codice etico

modello gestione 231



The Board of directors of Apro has attributed the function of supervising compliance with the Model requirements for the recipients to the Supervisory Board, in relation to different types of requirements stated by the Decree.


The Supervisory Board has the powers of inspection conferred by the model, also through the issuance of internal directives: with this objective in mind, the organization carries out periodic checks on certain operations or specific acts, carried out within the context of business areas keeping in mind all risks connected, as defined in the special parts of the model.


Composition of the Supervisory Board:


Dott. Franco Balocco (PRESIDENT)

Avv. Giorgio Scanavino (vice-president)

Mr Daniele Bertolotti

Dott. Roberto Berzia

Dott. Roberto Saracco



Anyone who becomes aware, or who is reasonably convinced of the existence of a breach in the Code of Ethics and the organizational model as a whole, of any law or the company procedures, has the duty of immediately informing his or her manager and / or the  Surveillance team using the following email




The notification must be in writing and not anonymous: Apro will use the necessary measures and corrective actions, in order to protect those who report any type of retaliation.


The responsibility of conducting investigations on possible violations of the code of ethics and other procedures of the organizational model is up to the Supervisory Board, who can make use of the internal support staff as "advisors" of the same, and who will make the necessary warnings. "