Since several years, APRO operates with a strong European vocation, promoting and supporting the design and implementation of European development, innovation initiatives and promoting language training for young people, adults and companies.

APRO can boast a plurennial experience in European projects, acting as promoter, coordinator or partner in several projects in the following areas:

  • training courses,
  • international mobility,
  • development and transfer of innovation,
  • pilot projects.


Alimenti Nicola

Alimenti Nicola

Head of Internationalization
Responsible of Apro International

Graduated in Languages at the University of Turin and specialized in Project Planning, he write, manages and coordinates the European projects of Apro Formazione since 2009, he coordinates the national and international network of Apro and he defines the development of the institution's internationalization strategy.

Monticone Annamaria

Annamaria Monticone

European Project Manager
Coordination and management of European projects

Graduated in Languages ​​and specialized in tourism at the University of Turin, she has been running Apro Formazione mobility projects since 2011, she deals with the planning of training courses and European projects, as well as with the coordination of projects and partnerships at national and international level.


Ferrero Giulia

Ferrero Giulia

European Project & Communication Officer
Management of European projects

Graduated in "Modern Literature" at the University of Turin and in "Government and Human Sciences" at the School of Advanced Studies of Turin "F. Rossi", since 2016 she has been in charge of managing European mobility - outgoing and incoming - and innovation projects. She also follows the communication of all European projects funded at APRO Formazione.

Calleri Elena

Calleri Elena

Administrative clerk
Administrative support for European projects

Graduated in "Business Economics" at the University of Turin, since 2015 she has supported Apro International in the administrative and financial management of European projects.