Learning a foreign language means to facilitate communication and satisfy various needs, ranging among business, scholastic and educational requirements, exam preparation, update of curricula, international certifications, travel and leisure.

We organize group and individual courses for adults, young people, children and companies, with native speaker or qualified teachers who use increasingly innovative methods. APRO LANGUAGES offers basic, advanced and specialized training in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian.


In all our courses we apply the Communicative Method made in Apro by Sandra Manzone.


The APRO communicative approach involves learners of all levels and aims to put the emphasis on conversational and practical language throughout a deductive methodology.

Learning a foreign language through the deduction is as effective as a total immersion in the language, focusing rather on the empiric communication ( listening, speaking), than on the translation from and to a language, or on dread textbooks.

The experience of Alessandra Manzone in the use of this method shows that the learner can achieve long-lasting results. The student slowly acquires familiarity with the language through the practical stimulation and the use of visual messages that allow the assimilation and storage of all the treated concepts, in every single lesson.